Drop-Off Policy

Student and staff safety is a top priority at South Elementary School. Please read through and abide by the following steps so that everyone entering our building arrives safely.
  • Building doors open at 8:20 am.
  • Students in the drop-off line should be able to exit without needing assistance. If any assistance is needed, please pull into a parking space instead of entering the drop-off line.
  • Students in the drop-off line should be ready to exit their vehicles as soon as they reach the building. There should not be prolonged stopping in the line.
  • The drop-off line should be fluid. Cars should not be parked in the line during drop off.
  • Cars should pull forward as much as possible.
  • Students should never exit their vehicles on the driver’s side.
  • Cars should stay in the line at all times (please do not go around a vehicle in front of your car or try to get out of the line before you have passed the building).
  • Cars should not stop in the road next to the drop-off line to allow a student to exit their vehicle.
  • Crosswalks should always be kept clear of stopped traffic.
  • Vehicles should not stop across the street to drop off students.